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Ring-Speed Motorsport provides 360° service to all customers. It's not only about race cars, we offer a friendly place to stay and relax after a day on the track. A single company delivering all the services you need, just 3 minutes drive from track entrance.

Picture this: it's saturday morning at the Nurburgring, you wake up, have a shower and breakfast, 
go down to the garage, hop in the car you like most and be in front of the track entrance in no time!
Sounds good, right? This is exactly why we have a Bed & Breakfast just above our garage, so you don't have to stress dealing with multiple companies and can focus on the best part: drive.
Being 3 mins drive from the track, you can also go back to your room without losing too much time.

Our Bed & Breakfast offers:

  • Comfortable double or family room

  • Breakfast

  • Lockers

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Garden

  • Free parking

  • Luggage deposit

  • Blankets and towels

  • Shared bathroom

If you want to book a room, contact us or check our profile on

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