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Did you ever dream of competing in a real race? Sure you did if you are a petrolhead just like us!

This is the next level experience, where you can measure your skills against others and where the clock really does its job! No traffic, no motorbikes, no busses; just pure fun and adrenaline!


If you are willing to race, Ring-Speed Motorsport can offer a 360° professional support in any situation and you know what is the best part? The Nordschleife hosts various types of races, different for budget and driver's experience! This means that everyone can race this famous track during an official event at least once in his or her life.

As a matter of fact, some of our customers came years ago for tourist drives and ended up racing the 24h few years later.

Why with us?

Ring-Speed Motorsport has a solid background when it comes to motorsport, in fact we have raced all types of events, from RCN to the world famous ADAC 24h Race.

Through the years we have matured a deep knowledge of the track and how to properly set up a racecar, finding the right balance between performance and reliability.

This is the reason why our cars have always crossed the finish line at every event we have joined! For us is a very important achievement which highlight the passion and commitment we deliver any time our customers want to race and put their trust on us.

Our major achievements are:

  • 2019 RCN-Light Championship: 2nd overall Position - BMW Z4 3.0si

  • 2019 RCN-Light Race: 6 races won in KL_30 Class - BMW Z4 3.0si

  • 2019 ADAC Nurburgring 24h Race: 2rd Position in SP4 Class - BMW 325Ci
  • 2018 ADAC Nurburgring 24h Race: 2rd Position in SP4 Class - BMW 325Ci

  • 2018 RCN Race: 4th Position in V5 Class - BMW Z4 3.0si

  • 2018 RCN Race: 1st Position in V2 Class - BMW 318ti Compact

  • 2014 VLN Race: 2nd Position in VT1 Class - Ford Fiesta ST EcoBoost

  • 2014 ADAC Nurburgring 24h Race: 3rd Position in SP2T Class - Ford Fiesta ST EcoBoost

  • 2013 VLN Race: 1st Position V2 Class - BMW 318ti Compact

Our Service

To make you feel like a pro we have a professional team which will follow you in any situation, this will make things easier for you as driving will be the one and only thing in your mind.

Ring-Speed Motorsport can provide:

  • Compliant Race Car - like our BMW Z4 3.0si V5 Class and more

  • Track Side assistance with professional team - also for your own car

  • Coaching with telemetry and data analysis

  • Catering

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