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Our garage includes front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive cars, matching all your driving styles!

All of the Ring-Speed Motorsport cars are TUV approved, have specific track setup, developed just for the Nordschleife and after our experience in VLN and 24h Races. We only use quality components because performance are important but safety too!

All cars are available for rent on the Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamp, Hockenheimring, Zandvoort and Laguna Seca (sea freight to be agreed prior booking).

And if you wanna go big, we have a Race Car for trackdays or competition.

Choose one and start driving now!​

Ford Fiesta ST150


2.000cc 150+HP, 1.100kg, five speed manual.

Front Wheel Drive, Left Hand Drive.

From: 149€ see Price List

The Fiesta ST150 is the perfect choice if you want to learn the Nordschleife! Its power-to-weight ratio will ensure great performance in every corner, while the special geometry allows for a smooth handling, fun and a rewarding drive.

Ideal for: first experience on the track, wet track, annoying supercars.

Mods: Mountune Kit (exhaust, intake, ECU), Bilstein B12, race brake pads and brake lines, polyuretane bushings, camber arms, performance tires.

Nissan 350Z


3.500cc V6 280HP, 1500kg, six speed manual.

Rear Wheel Drive, Left Hand Drive.

From: 199€ see Price List

A true JDM experience on the Nordschleife! Thanks to the perfect weight balance, this car is predictable and easy to drive, but also very sharp if you want to. The fun is guaranteed with its rear wheel drive setup. 
How do you like your spicy tuna roll? Maybe more wasabi?

Ideal for: intermediate and experienced driver, that JDM guy.

Mods: Race brake pads and brake lines, exhaust, polyuretane bushings, performance tires.

Audi TT 3.2 Quattro DSG