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The Nordschleife is a track like no other: more than 20 km of tarmac in the middle of the wood, a parking full of supercars and heavily modified "ring-tool", truly unique petrol-head atmosphere and lots of fun! 

Let's look at all the basic info you need to know in order to make the most out of your visit.

Nubugring Trackday Rental Race Car


Let's start with the planning: first of all you need to decide when to drive the track, which is usually open from spring to autumn basing on weather conditions.

Usually the opening times are 17:30 to 19:30 during weekdays and 8:00 to 19:30 during the weekends, but this is going to change accordingly with events the infrastructure is going to host, keep in mind the whole complex can be utilized for many different purposes, so always double-check opening times!  The best way is from Nurburgring website or via the official smartphone app, from which you can also buy laps.

If you want to drive the Nordschleife with your own car, make sure is road legal as during public days (Touristenfahrten in German), this is just like any other road, with same rules and laws.

Consider also trackdays: in these events there are mainly skilled drivers and limited amount of cars on track, making your day a lot easier; the main straight is open and you can drive one lap after the other without doing in-out. 

Of course, as any other attraction, the place is going to have busy days and hours. During the week there are relatively few cars driving, mainly locals; therefore less chance of closure. During the weekend is mostly crowded and this also means higher risk of closure due to accident.

If you are coming for the weekend we suggest to drive in the morning or Sunday afternoon, when most of the tourist are going to leave.


and food

Then something tell us you might need a place to stay overnight! Well we have a Bed&Breakfast just above our garage, 2 minutes drive from track entrance. How perfect? Can it go any better?

In case we are fully booked there are many other places around, our suggestion is to look for a guesthouse as you are not going to spend that much time in it, so a bed and a toilet are enough. If you really want that king size bed go ahead, but those money could have bought you a couple of extra laps!

Food is not going to be an issue either; stay light with the lunch, remember you have to drive a very twisty track and your stomach is affected by the law of physic. On the other hand, drink a lot of water! Leave the pizza for dinner!

The Track

Before choosing your car, let's spend a couple of words more about the track. ​

First of all the track is not alive, if anything happens on it, is either because of you or someone else. So always keep a safety margin, whatever you do! 

Why a safety margin? Because:

  • walls are very close to the edge of the track

  • there are many blind corners

  • tarmac can change from one corner to the other

  • track can be dirt or wet

  • car can break down and stand in the middle of the track

  • car can break down and leak liquids in the middle of the track

  • you can find cars, motorbike and even busses on track 

These are just some of the reasons why you should build up confidence with the track lap after lap, do not trust those who "know the track from the simulator", accident here are real.

Plus, the track is over 20 km long, believe us you can experience all the above in a single lap.

We do not want to scare you, we just want you to have fun and come back the next year!


If anything happens to you while driving keep in mind you have an insurance against third party and the car you drive, but you still have to pay an excess which is different basing on the car you choose. Why you still have to pay part of the damage? Cause a full track insurance can cost up to 3.000€ per day, no matter how many laps you do.

Plus, you will be liable for any expense related to the rescue of your car and track damage.

Example: You run wide on a corner hitting the barriers. 

To start, you will have to pay for removing your car from the track and damage to the barriers. Then we will check the car and charge you for the damage up to the excess amount; our insurance will cover the extra. Consider you will unlikely have to pay the whole excess, the average cost is related to bodywork or suspensions.

In case someone hits you, you still have to cover the excess amount, then you can claim it back from the insurance and in case the other person is in fault, you will get the money back.

What car?

Ok, now is getting fun!

Ring-Speed Motorsport has different cars in order to please any driving need. If this is your first visit maybe better start with something easy to handle; a front wheel drive or all wheel drive might be the right choice! These are also the best you can have during rainy days.

We also offer coaching, surely a couple of laps with us will improve your confidence with the track and the car. You can choose your car here.

Behind the Wheel

Once on the track make sure to pay attention at marshal, yellow flags and lights around the track: if there is a yellow flag or yellow flashing light then slow down, as you must be able to stop the car in few meters at any time. The big light board at the entrance of the track will also tell you if and where there is any issue on the track, give it a look! And listen to the marshal in the parking too! Do not park randomly around, do not stand in the middle and always look around you when doing any manoeuvre. 

Also keep in mind that public days are under standard rules and laws as any other road in Germany, so overtaking is allowed only on the left! 

Remember to take a break every two or three laps, the track is long and both you and the car need to cool down! 

Note down the Nurburgring emergency number so you can quickly call it: +49 (0) 8000302112

If you have an accident we always suggest to stop, you never know if your car is leaking fluid or if the damage will get worse while driving. If possible stop the car out of the track in a safe area and wait behind the barriers.

We also remind you that lap timing is forbidden during public days and might results in you getting banned from the track. If you really want to test your skills, book a trackday and rent our BMW Z4 Racecar!


Last but not least: have fun! Your are not going to get a medal, enjoy the track, the atmosphere, the people, the surroundings! Make it a great experience to repeat soon! 


And if you still have just one single doubt, ask us before entering the track! There is no stupid questions, just stupid answers!

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